[MEGA LIST] 56 Sites and Apps that Earn Passive Income

By | September 20, 2016
56 Sites and Apps that Earn Passive Income

56 Sites and Apps that Earn Passive Income

And Done! Scroll down below to check out my ultimate collection of websites and smartphone apps (Android/IOS) that will earn an estimated $125.33 per month, completely passively. By passive, I mean you don’t have to do ANYTHING. No surveys, no captchas, no downloads, no referrals, no NOTHING. Just sign up and watch the money pile up! Just counting my **CONFIRMED** sites, you should earn and estimated $125.33 per month in cash and gift cards, $4 in one-time cash outs, and other random goodies. Good Luck, fellas!


Earnhoney – $5-10 Amazon Gift Card/Code per two weeks
Sign up, don’t do any of the surveys/tasks, and just leave the “watch” tab open all day. Right click the tab and click “mute tab.”

NadaMobile $1-2 Amazon Gift Card/Code per day
Sign up, don’t do any of the surveys/tasks, and just leave the “watch” tab open all day. Right click the tab and click “mute tab.” You don’t need to click the “Next video” button, just get an auto refresher for your browser like: Super Auto Refresh or Tab Auto Reload.  Go to the Watch page and set the timer to 2 or 3 minutes. Leave this tab open all day (no need to babysit)!

Qmee – varies, about $0.20-0.30 per week
If you happen to do a particular Google/Bing/Amazon/Ebay search, a side bar will pop up with some PTC ads. Click the paying ads ($0.05-0.09 each), wait for the piggy bank icon to glow red, then go back to see if you can get more. Check the weekly Reddit list of search words at least twice a week to maximize profits.

Points2Shop – $1 USD, mailed
Simply sign up under my referral link and you’ll have 100+ free points, which is enough for a free physical dollar bill that will be mailed to you. I know, right?

SwagBucks – varies, free goodies from Amazon
Sign up, don’t do any of the surveys/tasks, just wait till tax day. Then do your taxes through their TurboTax link. You have to do them anyway, so you might as well get some free points.
My old tutorial: https://www.minds.com/blog/view/539127198502629376

Empower – $5 per day
Sign up, Select $5 on the earning slider, and maybe make 1 post. Somehow this earns you cash, and you can cash out after 90 days. They email you every time you earn another $5, which is daily. Likely a scam, but just in case I’m wrong, get in on this.

Listia – varies, free yard sale goodies
Sign up, link as many Facebook/Twitter as you want, and you’ll get 1000+ free bonus credits. Select “free shipping” items and search for things you may want (aim low). Fun, if you like dicking around on Pinterest…

Swap Caps – $2, free yard sale goodies
Sign up and get 250 free bonus caps. You can order $1 Amazon gift cards for 100 caps. Don’t dawdle though, the points expire in a month.

Cash4Essays – ???
Still have a bunch of old essays and reports from school? I do. Been on the waiting list for three months. If they pay for one, I’ll dump the rest.


Mobile Performance Meter – $1 Amazon Gift Card/Code every 3 days
Just install and get 30 points per day!. Easiest money since Nadamobile!

Fronto – $1 Amazon Gift Card/Code
Don’t allow the lock screen or do any of the surveys/tasks, just check in everyday for five days and you’ll earn enough for a gift card. Use this invite code for extra points: yiTuK7Y7o7P

MobileXpression Research – $5 per week
Similar to Mobile Performance Meter. Just install and ignore it!

Screenwise/CrossMediaPanel/Google –  1-2$ per week
Similar to Mobile Performance Meter, but run by Google! Just install and ignore it!

Panel App – $1 Amazon Gift Card/Code (1500 points/1.5 months)  or $5 Visa Gift Card (5000 points)
Similar to Mobile Performance Meter. Just install and ignore it! Earns 33 points per day.

AppOptix – $10 Amazon Gift Card/Code per 12 weeks (25 points/week)
Similar to Mobile Performance Meter. Just install and ignore it! Earns 25 points per week. Earn $10 after 300 points. Email confirmation necessary.

Shop Prize – $5 per month (after 20 daily check-ins and about 16 receipts)
Simply check in everyday and take a pic of every receipt you get or find on the floor. (I pick up about 5 every time I go grocery shopping)

I have tried the big four receipt apps and Shop Prize pays the most. But if you still want to reuse the receipts you have, then try ReceiptPal:

  • ReceiptPal – 25 pts per receipt/400 pts for $1 Amazon **CONFIRMED**
  • ReceiptHog – 5-20 pts per receipt/1000 pts for prize – Not worth it
  • Yaarlo – 1% of receipt total, Paypal – minimum $10 – Not worth it

List of 21 Daily Check-in Bonus Apps – $8.90 per month
These two have the same rules as Fronto (above). If daily check-ins are your thing (like me) than go for it

Slidejoy – About 200 points/day, or $2 every 10 days
I usually don’t recommend Lock Screen apps like Adme, or S’more, (while they ARE technically passive) because they earn very little cash and end up wasting too much of my time. Slidejoy is pretty fast to load and release, and it has to option to pause or stop the lock screen during busy hours.

LOTTERIES – Spend a total of 2 minutes per day opening these pages to see if you won, with no work involved! After days of research, I’ve concluded that these are the only legitimate free lotto sites that actually pay out.

The Street Lottery **CONFIRMED**
Bitcoin Lottery – NO WINS YET
Number Plate Lottery – NO WINS YET
My Lucky Patch – NO WINS YET
The Selfie Lottery – NO WINS YET

BITCOINS: – About $50 per month

There are plenty of “passive” ways to get free bitcoins online. Most are wastes of time.

  • Bitcoin Faucets – NO! HUGE waste of time, maybe if you have do-nothing desk job, you can earn $0.25 in satoshis in 8 hours, but honestly you could just do surveys for more money. This page is just for PASSIVE money.
  • Bitcoin Investing – NO! Most are scams – check the List. UPDATE: Currently trying out AIMBTC, will report results soon.
  • Bitcoin Mining – NO! At this point, not worth the expense or investment in mining equipment.
  • Bitcoin Cloud-Mining – MAYBE! Go through my list of 35+ cloud-mining sites that do all the work for you with no deposit necessary. It’s like earning through the faucets, but without doing the captchas:
    (Update: 35 sites now, xmine.org is dead)

3 New Additions:


I couldn’t in good conscience give you a list of daily sites to visit without adding one more important link. As long as your opening those daily lotto pages, maybe open one of the links from the lists below. They are collections of daily “free-click” sites that let you give to charities without donating (I do not earn anything by sharing these links).


To make it easier for you, click the triggers below to open my personal favorites in a small frame.

[expand title=”Alzheimer’s Research” startwrap=”” endwrap=”“]

Click the big PURPLE button on the right side:

Thank you!!!!
[expand title=”Breast Cancer Research” startwrap=”” endwrap=”“]

Click the big PINK button on the right side:

Thank you!!!!
[expand title=”Autism Research” startwrap=”” endwrap=”“]

Click the big RED button on the right side:

Thank you!!!!
[expand title=”Save 8.4 Square Feet of Rainforest” startwrap=”” endwrap=”“]

Scroll down and click the first GREEN button on the left side:

Thank you!!!!

This all started with Free Rice, but that site makes you answer a question before clicking. Anyway, thanks for looking!!

Good Luck!

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