Repost Your YouTube Channel on 210+ Websites

Repost Your YouTube Channel on 210+ Websites

YouTube is one of the highest Page Ranked websites where users generate the content. Uploading a video and adding your link in the description is one of the fastest ways to get discovered by Google and other search engines. The web tool I’ve created below will let any user take their YouTube channel and host it on 210 different domains at once.  The channel will self-embed and display the video description, tags and links, generating free backlinks. Simply copy the channel ID from your Youtube profile and paste it in the textbox below.


Great Job! Now what?


Get some extra views/backlinks/Google results:
Copy all the links above and add them to your own site. You’ll need to convert them all to clickable hyperlinks.
(Hint: pasting them in Tumblr will automatically convert them into clickable links.)

1. Paste them all in either webtool below, and copy the HTML code:

2. Paste the code on your own site, or at any of the sites listed here.

3. Every week, check how many new backlinks you’ve acquired using any of these sites:



You can also upload your video to 15+ of MY personal hosts using my free webtool: Here